Small Cell Deployments

Small Cell Deployments

Small Cell deployments are an ideal, cost-effective solution for many organizations looking to improve cellular coverage and increase the capacity of their mobile networks. Readily available to connect and support an existing carrier’s network, these low-power, high capacity access points enable enterprises to better deliver reliable coverage as users depend more on their mobile devices for everyday personal and business needs.

Small Cell solutions can be easily deployed in a quick timeframe, thus enabling businesses to expand their capacity and offer more reliable data and voice connections faster with less upfront investment costs. As a complement to a traditional DAS solution, Small Cells further fill in the gap of a mobile environment, enhancing network coverage and giving users a more robust and satisfactory wireless experience.

As a leader in the industry with years of knowledge and hands-on project expertise designing, installing and managing DAS and Wi-Fi solutions, ARQ offers great advantages to businesses considering Small Cell deployment.

Learn how your business can reap the BENEFITS of an ARQ Small Cell solution including:

  • Ubiquitous coverage and improved signal strength throughout buildings or remote outdoor environments
  • Lower investment cost
  • Improved user connectivity experience
  • Increased capacity to handle demand for reliable high-speed data and voice connections
  • Affordable deployment of Small Cell solutions – Ideal for a tight budget
  • Fast, flexible installation that meets your specific wireless needs
  • Hand-on, personal