Public Venues

Public Venues

Advances in technology and the widespread availability of wireless connectivity have made the use of handheld mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones part of our daily existence. No longer regulated as a business tool or used just as a means of communication between two people, wireless devices are used to witness, record and share life’s everyday moments with the world. It should come as no surprise then that when people gather together for special events in stadiums, arenas, theme parks, convention centers and shopping malls – wireless devices play a major role in keeping people connected.

The expectation for reliable wireless connectivity, ubiquitous coverage and consistent cell availability is key to maintaining high customer satisfaction. To create a positive brand experience, public venues need to ensure that they have the capacity to handle large volumes of people without diminishing wireless coverage, slowing data throughput or jeopardizing reliability.

Find out why arenas, theme parks and stadiums around the world trust ARQ to deploy innovative large-scale Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions to control the end-user wireless experience and improve overall satisfaction with the venue.

Key BENEFITS of an ARQ solution include:

  • Customized indoor or outdoor DAS configuration for ubiquitous coverage throughout the venue
  • Increased  capacity to handle huge volumes of people
  • Consistent, reliable cell coverage ensuring no dropped calls or signals
  • Sleek infrastructure designed to seamlessly integrate into the venue without diminishing guest experience