Public Safety

Public Safety

Keeping the Public Safe Through Wireless Connectivity 

There is no greater importance in the mobile telecommunications industry than ensuring the reliable connection of calls made on behalf of Public Safety. With more than 70 percent of all emergency calls originating within structures from mobile phones, it’s critical that safeguards are in place to guarantee calls placed to 911, or “First Responders” such as Police and Fire departments or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) connect and stay secure.

Man-made and natural disasters, structural and operational obstacles, inconsistent performance and low bandwidth capacity pose serious challenges to reliable emergency connectivity. Ubiquitous, unfailing mobile solutions are vital to keep up with the growing demand for in-building wireless coverage for First Responders

Understanding that a dropped call can be critical, ARQ applies its knowledge and experience in the mobile wireless arena to deliver proven DAS, Wi-Fi and Small Cell solutions that ensure clear communication and ultimately enhance Public Safety. Equally important, maintaining open RF communication between First Responders regardless of discipline or jurisdiction is mission critical to ensure the safety of the public as well as emergency personnel involved.

Learn more why customers count on ARQ to extend the range and improve the reliability of RF wireless signals for the public’s safety.