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  • ARQ: Connecting Canada in Times of Crisis
     The build-out of wireless networks has taken the whole world by storm in just a few short years.With each new mobile device – from iPhones to tablets and now wearables – we’ve seen huge amounts of data coming through our telecommunication infrastructure, testing the limits of the cellular towers over our highways…

  • ARQ’s New Executive Team to Target Canadian Market 

    As the world’s wireless leaders converge on Toronto for the Canadian Wireless Conference, ARQ and its new management team, which has unique understanding of Canada’s telecom challenges, are poised to play a big role both at the conference and in the nation’s…


  • Canada on Brink of a Wireless Future 

    Whether it is a natural disaster, man-made catastrophe, medical problem or any other type of emergency, time is of the essence when getting in touch with the appropriate emergency personnel. Any delay or miscommunication…


  • Vaper IO’s partners include Intel, Crown Castle and Flex High-value IoT applications like autonomous cars, virtual reality, and lights out manufacturing need networks that can respond in real-time. They need the power of cloud computing at the edge o [...]

    The telecom industry is undergoing a major shift with the migration from voice and data services to an encompassing set of networking tools. Accompanying this shift is a need for greater agility and flexibility. Open source software is indispensable [...]

    Sorry, Android. Sprint is giving its Virgin Mobile mobile virtual network operator a face-lift: the MVNO will offer only iPhones and seems to be taking a page from Sprint’s recent offer for a year of free service — Virgin Mobile customers who buy an [...]

    AT&T gives a glimpse into 5G plans at Wells Fargo event; plans include a deeper dive on fiber, as well as a move to a real-estate-type tower model Scott Mair, senior vice president of technology planning and engineering for AT&T, this week di [...]

    Expect some FirsetNet builds by the end of the year, but pace will pick up in 2018 Earlier this week, AT&T and the First Responders Network Authority released state plans for the multi-billion build of a nationwide LTE network for first responder [...]