Whether on vacation or traveling for business, a guest’s satisfaction and enhanced user experience is the ultimate goal of any hotel or resort. Significantly improving customer loyalty and repeat business by providing reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and strong cell reception in the hotel, its conference rooms and around the grounds of the resort is a simple, yet cost-effective way to achieve that goal.

Gone are the days where Wi-Fi is considered an extravagant amenity. Today, guests have an increased expectation of wireless availability to support their Wi-Fi enabled devices and smart phones.

Find out why many of the world’s finest resorts and Michelin-rated hotels depend on ARQ to deliver unparalleled Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi solutions.

Key BENEFITS of an ARQ solution include:

  • Unified indoor/outdoor DAS configurations for ubiquitous coverage throughout the resort and conference centers
  • Sleek designed solutions that are easily concealed to maintain hotel aesthetics
  • Boosted cell signal strength for increased connectivity
  • Improved capacity to handle high volume of guests during business conferences, special events or peak seasons