Higher Education

Higher Education

Colleges and universities have always been thought of as environments of higher learning where innovation, advanced technology and critical thinking reign.   However, demanding expectations by students and faculty for consistent availability to email, high-speed Internet and reliable cell coverage while on campus can create daunting challenges for even the most technologically advanced educational institution. Added to the complexity of providing a seamless infrastructure, large-scale deployment of campus-wide Wi-Fi and DAS solutions are simply beyond the means of most institutions’ expertise.

Find out why colleges and universities across the nation depend on ARQ to help them overcome various CHALLENGES including:

  • Coverage over wide geography of the campus with multiple building obstructions, obstacles and RF interference
  • Limited capabilities of older campus legacy Wi-Fi solutions
  • Increased density of students and faculty using mobile devices, smart phones and laptops simultaneously which can bring connectivity at an institution crashing down
  • Budget restrictions
  • Major security issues related to weak encryption and fear of hackers on campus

Key BENEFITS of an ARQ solution:

  • Ubiquitous coverage across the campus and throughout on-campus housing facilities
  • Consistent user connectivity experience
  • Improved capacity to handle demand for high-speed data connections
  • Increased reliability for accelerated throughput of streaming video as well as consistent cell reception
  • Affordable deployment of turnkey solutions that fit an ever tightening budget
  • Low cost of ownership. A cost effective, integrated DAS can add a significant revenue stream for the institution as they lease it to carriers