Today’s healthcare facilities face overwhelming challenges in order to provide and maintain a high quality of care for patients. With lives literally hanging in the balance, hospitals, clinics and medical centers need unprecedented reliability for their communications as well as consistent performance for their wireless connectivity needs. More and more, physicians and healthcare professionals rely on mobile devices to electronically access patient information, gather telemetry readings, communicate with hospital staff and improve the quality of patient care.

Many of today’s leading healthcare enterprises rely on ARQ to implement technically advanced Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Wi-Fi solutions in order to address the increasingly complex wireless communications needs.

Find out why medical facilities of all kinds depend on ARQ to help them overcome various CHALLENGES including:

  • Building obstructions such as thick walls, steel supports which may interfere or delay mobile communications
  • Innumerable electrical medical devices and mobile users which create a highly difficult and congested RF environment
  • Security issues which insure HIPPA compliance and maintain patient confidentiality

Key BENEFITS of an ARQ solution:

  • Complete integration with existing systems to ensure seamless communication
  • Faster access and connection to critical medical information through networked medical and patient monitoring devices via Wi-Fi
  • High bandwith for downloading and delivery of patient scans, medical records and images
  • Increased public safety due to high system reliability
  • Improved cell signal connectivity for ubiquitous coverage throughout the facility
  • High availability of Wi-Fi access to visitors in lobby and waiting rooms