AMMAN September 20, 2010 – The Information Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j) today announced two topics on the final agenda of the MENA ICT Forum™ 2010 – The Chattering Classes; Turning Social Media into Money, and On the Boil.

Widely considered one of the Region’s foremost Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information and Communications Technology Enabled Services (ICTES) industry events, the biennial MENA ICT Forum 2010 will be held in Amman-Jordan under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, on October 10 and 11, 2010 at the Business Park. The Forum will present several keynote and panel speakers, and will be focused around a number of carefully planned and specialized sessions, which will address the MENA Region’s most pertinent and pressing ICT concerns of today. An ambitious and comprehensive one, this year’s agenda boasts an array of topics that are crucial to opening the doors to the growth and advancement of the ICT and ICTES sectors in the Region. In addition to addressing such frequent topics as current global and regional ICT trends, the MENA Ecosystem, MNCs and outsourcing opportunities in the MENA, the Forum agenda contains additional new and high-priority topics. Through dedicated sessions; “The Chattering Classes; Turning Social Media into Money”, and “On the Boil”, the Forum will tackle the most up-to-date topics which are moving quickly and steadfastly forward in this day and age. While addressing social media applications in their own right, the sessions will also highlight such applications as the latest and most impactive trends in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

The session entitled The Chattering Classes; Turning Social Media into Money, will highlight how social media applications have significantly influenced the way people in different societies interact and socialize. For business purposes, social networks are increasingly being regarded as the new manner of marketing and have thus been embraced by many organizations. This session will present speakers from academia, private enterprises and think-tanks with the opportunity to reflect on these networks’ implications on regional social structures and ways-of-life.

The session will feature Mr. Alex McNabb, Group Director, Spot On Public Relations; Mr. Majied Qasem, CEO,; Mr. Mo Al Adham, Founder, Twitvid; Mr. Mostafa Kamel Attia, Chairman, Link Dot Net (Egypt); Ms. Maria Mahdaly, Online Activist, KSA; Ms. Nadine Toukan, Activist; and Mr. Yousef Mansour, Activist and CEO, EnConsult, as panel speakers.

The On the Boil session is designed in two parts – On the Boil – Hot Future Trends in Technology and On the Boil – Mobile Applications and Development. The first session elaborates on the hottest future global trends in technology, in addition to issues such as green IT and Energy/Water/Environment (EWE), and will feature Mr. Ari Kesisoglu, Regional Manager MENA, Google; Mr. Terence P. McElwee, Director of Technology Transfer & Innovation, KAUST; Mr. Haitham Abul-Haija, Client Chipset Group, Intel; Mr. Mohammed A. Saleh, Health Market Development Director within Worldwide Public Sector Team, Microsoft; Mr. Imad Malhas, CEO, IrisGuard; and Mr. Lucio Rispo, Strategic Research Director, Qatar Science & Technology Park, as panel speakers.
On the Boil – Mobile Applications and Development will touch on the pressing issue of mobile applications in the Region, including their accessibility and availability in Arabized and localized format. Bringing together prominent industry leaders from across the globe, the session will highlight prevailing practices, their global impact, and recommendations for regional adoption and adaptations. This session will feature Mr. Kunal Hinduja, President, ARQ; Mr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, Executive Director, QU Wireless Innovations Center; Mr. Fadi Antaki, CEO, Arpu +; and Yaseen Hamad; Symbian Association as panel speakers.

Through its final agenda, the Forum avails sessions that have been titled and devised to allow for interaction, discussion, and debate, providing an arena for global knowledge sharing. The Forum aims not only at sharing the collective knowledge and experience of global and regional experts and key industry players, but will also serve as a venue through which industry players can meet to work out productive partnerships that will lead to further growth, ensuring that the Region is in-line with the strategic directions of the global ICT industry.

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